martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

It's not only Shibuya

Audio: Pete Murray-So beautiful

*I started this entry on english and I think there's no nedd for a translation, but if you want I'll write it  in spanish as well* Decidme si no lo entendéis y lo traduzco, pero creo que es muy chorra y que se entiende bastante bien :P

The day after Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree I wanted to go to Harajuku and Shibuya again, so there I went.

T-shirt from heaven and earth
Necklace: Glavil
shorts: by Mango
Belt: D.I.A
Sandals: Blanco
Bag: Real mars, but it was quickly by Ghost of Harlem bag in grey.

It was sunday and heck, I forgot how crowded is everything on sunday.

My first stop was daiso. DAISO!! but I didn't find all the kawaiimono that I expected to buy. Anyway, there were lots of cute stuff, for me and my friends :)
 Later I went to Paris Kids, in order to find cute and unexpensive accessories, and to  SBY :), I bought the new tsubasa blush, pink flamingo! (I like flamingos, they are the only creature pink in the world, amazing!) a candy doll lipstick, vainilla beige, a happy knit cap and fake glasses. It was so full of girls there! Outside, in the street, apparently, long queue to get inside other store, but it was so hot that I left without asking why all of them were line up.
I love the bag, was so girlish and cute!

Then I went to Urahara?? and walk all the way until  I get to Shibuya for lunch. I ended up eating in Saizeriya. I'm always eating my lunch in saizeriya. I'm not very cool.

Butttttt after lunch I headed up  to 109, and get the cute red shirt I'm wearing on my last post, and I got a new bag from Ghost of Harlem. Everything it's so cool! I don't remember if I got anything else, besides.

There was a Matsuri too in Shibuya, I also saw decoration in Kinshichou, so I guess it was a huge matsuri on tokyo, maybe. I only knew that next monday was the grandparents day. It was writen on my Blythe cute schedule, because when I ask the only answer I got was: Tokyo... festival.

 People are really drunk at these events, I got very nanpa-ed by yankis or whoever who carry mikoshi always...  Anyway it was nice, because a couple of だいじ's friends were there at the matsuri, happily I can met them. It was very very very funny.

The girl, Ai-chan is so sweet, she spoke very gently and have a lovely smile. She was absolutely nice to me every time, her husband was funny, drunk and hilarious, he was very happy when I stopped calling him だいじ matsuri friend, and managed to remember his name. Please forgive me! I took pictures with Ai-chan, who was a little bit sad because she was on her matsuri clothes, like his husband, they want to meet us again in their regular clothes, but it was ok!

  We didn't have the chance to meet again, but if I ever come back to Tokyo, I will ask them to hang out together, we went to an izakaya, and made eat a lot of food and drink as well, and after the izakaya we kept on drinking and having fun in a karaoke.

Gosh, those people are karaoke heroes, me on the other hand I barely sung in the bathroom. I'm always requested to sing My heart will go on, I was 16 when the movie come out, and I totally loved the main song. I'm a little ashamed of my performance.

Next day with a annoying hangover, I catch a bus to Hakone, we had a reservation at Yunessun Spa I dind't took pictures so please visit their website, it's so interesting spa :) with the coffe, wine, tea baths, really interesting. Nothing really happened, but since it was national holiday it was so full, and it was stressful, I had fun but even if was in my bikini, I was by far the only foreigner so even kids and old ladies can't stop staring at me. At least the ladies smile to me and say a compliment.

Shinjuku at early morning.

Hakone was very rainy when we left. This is the only picture that I like from that day. :P