miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

j-fashion for x-mas!

Audio: T.Rex - I Love To Boogie

Yesterday, Yukari, Shan and me have an appointment with a journalist from El Mundo. She is very interested in youth japanese culture, so it was great to met her. She ask us about gyaru fashion and gyaru culture, our point of view, if it is hard to be a gyaru in Barcelona, how did we found that fashion movement, why we felt attracted... And the photographer was very funny!

We went to a hairdresser's salon named Shibuya de Pako, who worked very hard with us at the last manga convention in Barcelona. There were also three lovely Lolitas from Barcelona, I was shy, but they looked so pretty :$
The article will be released in the cultural supplement of december 31st. :D

I totally love Yukari's manba look! She was all dressed in pink, like a marshmallow, I love her so much :___D

And this was my yesterday code:

leather jacket from Bershka, onepi from Glad News, thigh high boots from Primark, necklace from Gilfy, bag from JSG, nails from Claire's. I don't know why my legs look like pigeon toe T_T I won't let it happen again. T_T