domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

japan weekend!

This weekend Japan Weekend took place, we just went ther for a couple of hours, but we have fun anyway! I dance para para with miyu and more ppl, well, just one song, I see cute girls, we watched sexy mafia dance perfomance, it was fun, because one of the dancers was in my japanese class until I quit, and so on...
I have some nice pics I want to share with you :)
We met Kaika and Nanah from Suteki! It was nice to see them :)

We also met Miyu from Kenashi, she has amazing skills dancing para para (L) and two cute girls from Barcelona I've never see before:The girl at the right remind me of Tsubasa, I was so happy to met them! they both are cute and super nice! I look like their older sister, haha!
More fun/silly/cute pics:
Shan and me:
Shan was all dressed in Delyle! even jewellery! she's always perfect! she's one of my favourite western gyaru :P

Kanae and me:
She's da best 8D raburabu x2 xDDDDDD she always make me laugh xDDD

Hanako and me:
very nice girl! I love her hair! It was the first time I meet her, but I hope I'll see her again!

And, I love these pics from cale and me :$, she so cute! we thought we can mix dolly style with rock kei :D, I want to make Cale straps and have her hanging on my phone forever! ;$

That was my yesterday code:

Huge bow with pailletes that Cale and Reika bought for me in Japan, leather jacket form Bershka, bag from Dorothy Perkins, tee from Tralala, skirt from Spiga, and boots from Primark. I really like my hair that day, thak you Kira kira dreams for the inspiration!

bye bye!!

pd: lo de antes no es que me haya dado un puteo momentaneo or whatever, es que quería dejar claro mi punto de vista para siempre.