sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

gettin' ready

Audio: The Police-so lonely

This is my last saturday night here for a long, and I'm alone at home. You, loser. Yeah, totally. There's only 3 days left until I leave to Tokyo and I can't stop crying my broken heart. Who will care about a broken heart if you are actually leaving town for a long stay? you moron. :(

I really need your fashion advice! what do you think I must pick up for my stay in tokyo? I've been involved in a battle between my closet and my suitcase and now I'm exhausted.

Everything in my room is totally covered by clothes xD I almost went to panic when I returned from the bathroom and found my room scattered with dresses, tees, shoes, bags and stuff.

I love a lot all my clothes, since I devoted my wardrobe to gyaru. I love almost everything I had purchased lately, so I need to take them with me... But I also know that I will love everything in japanese stores, so maybe I just need help on shoes and tees... Any advice you can give me would be really useful.


Also, I've become a make up freak, choosing the items from my make up bag will be really harsh to me. xD Too much Dior addiction.

I wish I were drunk anywhere, instead of going crazy with my luggage :_( xDDDDDDDDDDD