martes, 27 de abril de 2010


hello lovelies!

it's been a long time, i'm sorry for the lack of updates, but i've been so busy!

i'm studying everyday, and learning a lot everyday, i still panicking every time i need to speak in japanse, but now i'm able to talk and understand the language and it makes me so happy.

my everyday it's not really exciting, catching the subway in rush hour, then to school, and then study or hang around in shinjuku, harajuku or shibuya... i love it!

but, let me tell you, i really hate the weather, why is everyday that cold? and raining and windy! i've been having colds and headaches for weeks, i'm so tired of it! come on! it's already spring, don't you know it? i'm bored of wearing three layers of clothes almost everyday :\ i'm loosing a lot of weight, so my clothes look a little baggy on me, (i don't know what is happening but i fit into small sizes, even m size is a little big for me) i want to buy nice clothes, but still being so cold to wear them T.T

today was the last day of school for a while, they call it golden week, hahaha! i wanna party, buy a lot of spring clothes and go to the beach! no matter what!! :___

last week we went to an event organized by the school, well they just made us pay and take us to an izakaya and made us drink, eat and sing weird songs with the karaoke. madness and i started the "night" in shinjuku with our school mates and teachers, and ended it in camelot. it was my first time in camelot,and i think i enjoyed the place! it was so much fun! next day nobody remember anything and were so embarrased like, "do you girls know if i said or did something embarrasing?" hahaha funny! we can't even text back people hahaha
i made a looooot of friends everytime i get lost in my way back from the toilets, they don't even let me go back with my schoolmates! then few of them went to roppongi, but madness and i went to shibuya.

we drink more alcohol, took pictures and even purikura, worst purikura i ever see. we went to camelot and then back home. on saturday we rest, but on sunday we went to yuu-house, a hair salon in shibuya to get a perm, both of us! madness wanted an straight perm, and i wanted a curled perm, i've been obssesed with having curled hair since i can remember, i told the hairdresser that i want tsubasa's hair, she laughed a lot, but she told me that it was all hair extensions, i already know it, but i'm allowed to dream, right? well i got my perm, and everytime i look at the mirror my hair looks different, i think i'm gonna get hair extensions asap. the hairdresser was so nice talking to me about gyaru, the models that i like, my favorite 109's brands and such stuff. the guy that did madness hair was so funny and nice, (and handsome!) thanks god, because we spent like 4 hours in the salon, i read all the magazines they had. twice.

maybe you wanna see some pictures?

you wouldn't believe, but i swear that we look better in person :_three of the new friends i made, i just remember the name of the girl dressed in grey because her name was so easy xdd
people sing at backs street boys? lol
school teacher and madness singing and dancing (L)

yopparata purikura, i love it.

i shouldn't be sharing this pictures, i guess.

i hate when my make up fades... i'm using a rmk (beautiful) make up, but even using primer and make up base, finishing powder and whatever it fades and i don't look very nice T.T... do you know anything to make it stays longer? any advice you can give me will be really useful!
oh i would like to recomend to you girls, the lip gloss from melliesh, yui kanno's make up brand. it's amazing! less sticky than candy doll, in a more pinkish color and it stays longer! i think i'm going to try the blush, because the candy doll doesn't stay on me... even the one i bought at london's primark store stays longer! or so it seems... mhmm.. i don't know if i have more make up concerns that i wanted to share with you.

by the way, have you seen the latest popsister issue? i really like it! more than anyother mag that i have seen here.

well i try to make an entry with more pictures and talking about more specific stuff, but i have to leave you now!!

i miss you all, girls. i really wish all of you could be here wih madness and me.