viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

shalalala I'm back


Hi ladies!

how you doing? it's nice to be at home again! I've really really really really missed my bed! I've been sleeping on a futon for almost 3 months, aaagh.
a lot of you gals, have been asking me if I bought a lot of stuff, well... more or less! i love japanese make up, seriously, I'm a Dior addict, but, japanese make up brands are amazing, amazing!
I really really loved everything in Delyle, Gimlet, Cecil mcBee...! haha and so on... BUT the most important to me, it's that finally I managed to learn some japanese, my bf or whatever he is, says that I sound like a baby speaking Japanese (what did he expect?) which is pretty lame, but, like all japanese all say, it's kawaii. No, I don't think so. It's embarrasing. But well, I'm just a begginer, I'll keep on studying and nobody will tell me again that I'm so kawaii speaking japanese. I'm serious!

So it's great to be at home again, but it's kinda weird, I promise you that I don't miss Tokyo, but I still missing Tokyo. Anyway I have so much stuff to do (funny stuff, no doubt about that!) and I don't want to waste time complaining! :P

As soon as I can I share some of my pictures and few stories with all of you!

ps: i hate scanned purikuras, any tip or advice for me?