domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2009

Getting older

Audio: Namie Amuro- Fast Car

Last friday was my birthday! OMG! It's happening so fast, I wish I still a teenager xDD
I met some of Yasei girls and Shan, we went to starbucks and then took some pics on the street, Yukari refuses to get on the pics because she said she was so tired after attending her first college party! haha! she's pretty anyway, but we can't convince her. The clothes I wore during the afternoon
Hat: Gilfy (I love it!!)
Jacket: glamour
long slevee T: JSG
shorts: Bershka
boots: Blanco
bag: JSG
On evening I went to an small party with my dear friends from my hometown, they are so sweet! That was my look.
studded hairband, super cheap dress from girlstyle? I love the huuuuge ribbon, haha! Leggins I bought on France and stunning Jimmy Choo shoes for h&m. I think it's a very cool outfit, but I suck on making pictures! even with camera self timer! :s

Few presents from Ana Sui and Benefit! I always wanted the huge ribbon headband! It's so comfy and lovely! Black mirror, I wanted the big one, but my friend didn't found it :(
Hoola bronzer from benefit, it's perfect for contour your face, and boiing concealer, it works fine :D
And a lot of presents from Lush, I love lush store! You have to give a try to snow fairy solid parfum, it's lovely!
And today I blew the candles of my two birthday cakes! I feel lucky because I could make a wish twice! haha
I'm really really happy because so many people remembered my birthday, I love you too, sweethearts!