martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

nothing but praliné on my mind

Audio:Queen - Love of My Life
So, finally I watched all the episodes from GG. Well, as I said before, this season is a little disappointing.
I was talking to my friend Criztinita this afternoon, and I told her that I wanted to get a pair of lace tights. I've been thinking of it for weeks, lol. She told me she already own ones and she got them for 1 euro. I got jelous. Back from downtown, I stopped into a store in my street, and found a pair (hahaha!), they are designed by Francis Montesinos for Marie Claire, so gorgeus! I bought the last pair in black, haha! I want to match them with a little black dress, furry jacket and a nice pair of heels.
Sexy! aren't they?
Have you notice the night breed comic left in the floor of my room? I forgot to mention that early in the morning I was tossing all my old comic books & comic magazines, and some old papers. I can't believe the stuff I use to love when I was like 14-16? years old xD. I sold loads of this kind of things in a comic convention, but still have many. Well not anymore, they are already for reclying.
Now I have more space to fill it up with kawaii stuff! yay!

I posted a make up entry in Yasei's blog. Please visit us any time! Feel free to add us! ^^ The entry is quite simple... just about my eye make up. I'm ashamed because of my brows, I have to go to Benefit to get them done T_T

Kyou no Kode

knitted hat: Gilfy
long cardigan: I got it in the last manga convention... the store name was harajuku, they have really cool stuff. I found this long cardigan and the tag said Lip Service, haha, I think that the real design is from Duras, that's why I buy it. And because it's so cute, of course.
Skirt: I don't remember the brand.
Boots: stradivarius