sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

few days in Madrid

Audio: The Cure - Pictures of You
I came back from Madrid almost a week ago, I've been busy and a little lazy to update my blog, but I talk about fitur on yasei's blog (here)

I arrived on friday, and Madness pick me up at the airport, we went to her house and get ready for the night! We went to Criz home and ate dinner with her and Reika. Then we head to low club, not too much people, but I have fun anyway.
On saturday I woke up so late, and I felt sick, so Madness and I rest at her home until the afternoon, then I dress up really dollish, and went to the appointment we have with lolitas, Merkades and Alicia, their friend Alice and my beloved Himepink <3>

Later we said goodbye, and Himepink, Madness and I, dined in a japanese restaurant really nice, and we went to home, because sunday was the big day and we need our beauty sleep.

The event at Fitur was quite fun! Cosplayers, karaoke singers, lolitas and gyaru! Kenashi circle perfomed a para para routine that I enjoyed a lot. Even I was dying a couple of hours before, I did my best and thank you to everyone for their support. I'm sorry for my face but I felt really sick and tired.
Criz and I with Izumi, Rikku and Ran, from Kenashi :) Criz and I with a beautifully dressed girl from the japanese embassy :) For more info and pics, you can visit Dolls Stories, Merkades and Alicia blog, and To wish impossible things, Alice blog. :)

At the end, they took us some pictures and I left to the airport, Criz, Madness and Himepink, went with me, they are so nice!!

PS: Madness gave me my christmas presents! thank you dear!!
A deco seal of Kiiroi Tori awwww, it's so funny!

Nozomi Tsuji's Hello Kitty strap (L)

And rilakkuma underwear! My new favorite panties! x333

PSS: Kanae's graduation tonigt!! Good luck Kanae!!

I'm sorry if my english is a little crappy in this entry V_v