miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

Happy Winter

Audio: aerolineas federales-soy una punk

Today I skip my japanese classes again :( When I felt better, I put on my make up and I get dressed... I've been wandering through downtown. I didn't do nothing special, I went to a couple of stores that I had forgotten to visit and see what clothes they had. I also try revlon color stay foundation, I think it's quite fine... Girls who used are really satisfied, andI think that I should give it a chance.
Anyway, tomorrow, my mom and I have an appointment with Benefit Girls, maybe free make up lesson? I totally forgot to ask xD

So, I'm going to show you some of my buys on this sales:
I only bought a couple of jeans each year haha. These are my first pair of the year. And I'm glad. They are amazing!
Not on sales, but I really wanted some Disney sweater, in pink or white, but I saw this one in Blanco and I love it!
Two short pants from Pimkie. They look stunning ;D and totally cheap! both are cool, and really useful!I've been thinking on get that tee for months... well, at last they only have it in white, but I really wanted the kogals print!

Kyou no koode

knit hat: Gilfy
snow coat: cocolulu
sweater: Blanco
jeans: Killah
boots: uggs style by Hello Kitty.
bag: liz lisa doll
Well, my lovelies, good night!