jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

popteen cover revisited

Here, in Barcelona, there's a purikura booth, just one, everybody who likes japan or whatever, must go to that store to get their own puris.
As a tradition, a lot of people stick their pics outside the booth, and we have done it few times.

Since there's too much hate in gyaru scene, that's how I feel, the truth is that Yasei or Yopparai (our former circle) has been blamed for a lot of stuff that we actually never did. I always check our puris, because I was afraid that somebody had pull them out or something...

That's what I found today! An anonymous hater had improve our Popteen cover xDDD

Can you feel the love? xD

This our opinion:
We look cute anyway ;D

Reika is leaving Barcelona, because she's going to Madrid for a fresh start, good luck, girl! I'm gonna miss you a lot! I'm sure you'll be very happy there!
Good Luck Reika chan!!!