lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

doll and serebu!

Audio: Love is All-Turn the radio off

Today I was in the mood to take pics of the coordinates I'm planning to wear soon, or not. Because of the weather xDD They need accesories, but I just want to show what I would like to wear :P

First one is Serebu, the hairdo is inspired by Ageha, not bad, but still need to work on it a lot!code:
Tights: Francis Montesinos
Shoes: Stradivarius
the tiara is vintage, I got it from my mom :) little pic from my face and hair :)Second is more sweet, more dollish. I have this dress since summer, and I just wear it once... So I get cute pink belt from Barbie Store and made the ribbon by myself.
Dress: Valentine's High
Belt: Barbie
Shoes: I'm not sure, but anyway this are not the shoes I'm planning to wear.
Ribbon: Handmade, I was fed up of being unable to find the perfect ribbon ;), so did it by myself.

Here's another pic of face and hair. I weish you can see the make up :(

On the next posts i will talk about snow :D, shopping, country life, and more stuff!