domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

sweet afternoon

Audio:Arcae Fire-Rebellion

Today I was suposed to go to the cinema, we realized thant we didin't like any of he movies, so we took a couple of pictures an leave.

Alice in wonderland, I didn't like de film thoug.

And Wall-e!

After this, we went to that super super sweet park near muy hometown. They have already finished the cocolate house! yummy!

Should I eat it? Or should I don't? mmm..mmm
Eat It!

On my way bak home, I found a gigantic croissant to begged me for eat him! What should I do again?

I have to hide inside a doughnut!
After the doughnut saves my life I try to go back home... but I didn't remember those mushrom houses in my neighbourhood...

Well I dond't find the way back home, so guess now I'm livin on a old converse...