domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

long time no blog!

Hi girlies! how you doin? I'm sorry about the lack of updates, but I've been very busy, blog and gyaru fashion step off from A list, that's so sad right? D:

Luckily, last friday, (all the cool stuff always happen on friday we-we-so-excited!), I went to Barcelona because I have a meetup with the lovely Cale, and spent a wonderful spring afternoon with her!
First of all when I met her, she was with two of my fave barcelona gyaru! Aki & Chel, they look absolutely young and beautiful, I love them! Her friend looks so sweet too, it was a great

I ask them to took a picture together, it wasn't a good one, but I has very happy because I only have few pics with them, yay!
Then Cale and I went to a dinner, and i gave her some cute clothes from Gify and Co&Lu, they look great on her, so I was happy, ¡ if you bought something that you rarely wear because it doesn't fit you well or it's not your style anymore, it's a waste to let them hanging in your closet instead to give it or sell it to someone who will actually wear it, so gals I totally encourage you to sell all the gyaru stuff that you don't feel like wearing anymore, there are lot of gals waiting for your sales(~▽~@)♪♪♪ (maybe :P)
So Cale and I have our lunch, and walk around, I was looking for some cute can can hat, which is funny, because last year I could have bought dozens of those hats in Tokyo but I totally dislike them (///∇///) And early this year I realized that I want one so badly. That's ridiculous :_(

So I got this one from New Yorker, and I'm very pleased with it!

After walking around we head to akiba, and took some fun purikura! I love this purikura crazy, but i wish there were more booths here in barcelona :(

Later Cale walk me to the station, I bought some gigantic strawberry donut for my way back home, tee hee.
That's pretty much all we did, we have a lot of fun, talk, commented egg's latest issue, it's worthless if you can't do it with a gyaru friend, isn't it? well, at least for me it is!

And here's my friday's code
Camisole: Liz Lisa
Short pants: Honeys
Boots: Pull and Bear
Bag: Tralala.

I'm not sure about the boots, but definitely I need to find a bag for those kind of outfits!