domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Nothing is certain in London but Harry Potter

Audio:Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith- I'm not in love

No he pasado un buen fin de semana y eso que estaba todo planeado menos un detalle, la quiebra de spainair. Y no porque yo tuviese billetes comprados, sino por el trabajo y aún nos queda el lunes :(
Tienen que venir momentos mejores, no todo en la vida va a ser un bucle de karmaggedon. Tiempos espléndidos, sea como sea!

No era la idea que tenía de publicar hoy,  pero como fueron días muy interesantes, lo quería dejar reflejado. London in Winter :D

Kiroiit tori about to eat english birdseed  :)

The alley where the hotel was! At first I was super worried but I ended up loving the whole place :) It was close to everything! (even tesco)

‘It is my belief, Watson, founded upon my experience, that the lowest and vilest alleys of London do not present a more dreadful record of sin than does the smiling and beautiful countryside.’

Here's the guesthouse :s but it was nice. Really.

Cake shop at Chinatown

That's one of my fave  movies of all the times! Maybe next time I can go inside and watch the play.

 Signos estúpidos de la globalización.... una tienda GIGANTE de m&m's... en serio, ¿para qué?

Casi muero de amor al ver esta tiendecita de cupcakes! Era tan mona... :)

 National Portrait Gallery :)

 Random pics in Tragalgar Square.

 Me with an iconic red bus

 Harry dvd's are not dead!
 Beware of the horse! La primera vez que veía un cambio de guardia.... niña feliz!
 Me in the same spot as usual xDDD
 London seagulls are so cute and small. In my hometown they are like screaming monsters D:
 Tower Bridge! We went there walking near the Thames. Coldest and interesting thing I've ever did!
 Mysterious hong kong food with nutella in ChinaTown. Mistery for me at least. Seems so popular amongst everybody else there. I was so disappointed by the restaurants in chinatown, maybe we didn't pick the good ones, but bubble tea was super delicious!
Covent Garden! I loved so much that place. Really. 
There was an amazing soprano inside, she was perfoming Turandot. She has an incredible beautiful voice, so nice that I even cried a little. I have a video, but I failed trying to post it at my blog. :(

An antique toy shop, named pollock's or something


The soho square
 Spent a rainy morning at British Museum. I was exhausted but my soul was filled with joy and knowledge!

He IS ALSO the guardian of the north. LMFAO

I was glad to see the Great Wave at last! :)
 We got lost around Berkeley square? I'm afraid I don't remember the name xD

Later we found Vivienne Westwood's store... it was close but I took a picture anyway. My scarf is from  VW, I'm so proud to say it. xDD

 I didn't want to take a lot of pics of me, because I get a cold and I was soooo tired everyday. My make up was fine at the morning but not at the end of the day, (like above's pic) and my clothes where almost the same everyday (the gilfy knit cap is cool though)
Well that's pretty much what I wanted to show you. Voy cambiando el idioma alegremente mientras escribo xD
Me one last time! Bye!!