lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Shopping in London


Today I feel inspired and I would like to write about the stuff I got while I was in London. Every year this city became more amazing :) Due to the proximity of the Olympic Games, every place in town was in works. That was truly annoying because they were ruining the views a lot... :( but anyway, it's always exciting to visit London no matter what.

I was excited thinking about the fabulous and famous London sales, all the amazing and cool clothes I was going to get, but, truly, I didn't found nothing that interesting, but!!! I totally love the few things i got.


Let me start with a little pic spam (L) I suck at taking pictures.

I bought theses books at HMV because they were so unexpensive and I couldn't help! I'm not into Sid Vicious or Sex Pistols, but, I've always have find british punk scene  interesting and it was only 2 pounds, so if the book disappoints me , it'll look good on my bookshelves anyway, lol, and I'm already disappointed. The only pages worth to read it's when they talk about Vivienne Westwood so far.
 I am a huge Bowie fan, so his book was a must get for me! and the Bansky book it's just awesome, in Spain the price goes higher every time I check it on the Fnac, so it was a deal that I just happily took. Michael Jackson biography wasn't for me, it costs 1 pound, but it's expensive if you think that MJ still alive and the end of the book, but when I start reading I couldn't stop. I watched every video they talk about on youtube, and the whole story catch me. When I a was a kid he was at the top of the world, but I managed to not notice his work until I was a grown up. It's a real issue for me. How could I miss him for so long? I'm kind of ashamed xD

 Super nice stocking from covent garden! It was hard to choose only two pairs of tights. HARD.
In Piccadilly was an american:? multi brand store, it was nice, I guess. I get two pieces from april devil? whatever. I wanted a white sweater and I found this one nice with the studded diamond shape. And I wasn't going to leave without the black tee with the leopard print. 
 coooooooool sister!
 My feet were killing me and I'd just left the hotel for a hard day walking around, when I notice I was in a nice shopping area. Covent garden area. I run as fast as I could to the first shoe shop I saw in search of comfy boot and tada! I am obsessed with engineer boots since Tsubasa's for Jerry Girl, but I always wanted to have a good quality pair. Now I do! (they are also of my size. Jerry Girl boots are just an L size. I like them but they are a smaller than my feet :(... )
 Random suede ballerina flats from Primark. With star patter sewed in it. It's hard to explain in english :(
I also buy Hello Kitty red glasses and make up in chinatown. But I have already posted pics. I don't want to bore you even more xD

And my favorite get! Nuts mags!!  they are just... PERFECT! the gal I would love to be! february issue is about make up and the best make up brands which I enjoyed a lot, and feel inspired again. March issue is more about fashion, real fashion and trends 8D uhm... gashion, gal+fashion! hahaha i'm loosing my mind -_- I work too much.

 They come with cool presents :D always nice :D indeed. Glad News make up pouch and Gilfy mirror. Yay.
 When I started to take pictures of the march issue I couldn't stop, so here you go. Sorry if I'm boring ;s

Well as you might realized, I'm feeling a little camera shy and mhmm insecure about my looks, so it's hard for me to take pictures of myself... I want to write an update about my new hair (I went to the びょういん yay!) and some outfits. But I don't feel like taking pictures lately. Maybe next time! I do wish I feel fine soon :P
 I'm overworking again, 10 hours a days 6 days a week, I'm not really complaining, but sometimes I feel exhausted and ugly as hell. 
Thank you so much for reading and well, also for let me talk to you a little.