viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Gyaru thoughts

Hey lovelies!

It's been a long since the last time I wrote an entry in this blog. Or since the last time I wrote something everywhere. Even update my Facebook status is like a huge task. xDDD

I took a couple of pictures random outfits, but well... I suck at taking pictures and in my other life I used to be a massive camera killer because I don't get why I look acceptable enough in the mirror and so hideous in every picture.

The reason as well, is that I don't feel like a gyaru since long time ago. Sometimes I'm afraid that I won't be a gyaru never. Ha, as if I ever did. But even if I was doing it in  a wrong way, I feel I was part of gyaru.

I have a tons of make up, lashes, clothes, everything that could be useful and helpful in the achievement of  a nice gyaru look. But believe me. It's not enough. Nope.

Since I started working seven days a week, my gyaru confidence had hit rock bottom. Nor that I considered turning into lolita fashion, my lolita wannabe self is buried somewhere xD, but I truly thought about becoming a random fashionista girl and leave gyaru to the real pros.

But, I really felt pretty when I was in my gyaru style. And I don't want to loose that.

I know I am like the last dinosaur in  this culture, when Kaoru told us she was egg's grandma, she was like 24. I'm turning 32 on december 4th. Yup. I really want to give away my cocolulu, alba rosa, liz lisa, tralala, jsg, ruvap... stuff but who would want that? and I don't have time enough to do a sales post because I'm overworking everyday of the week. My height and weight are torturing me,  I know that I will never fit into the the cool clothes I totally like, and I feel gross. Oh no. なかないでください

That's mostly how I feel nowadays.

I try to cheer myself up thinking about going back to Japan, change my job for a less stressful occupation, improve my hairdos and retake my make up practices , because I wasn't that bad... but I don't have time for anything.

My new hair color and my all day make up. And the other day I changed it again, so this picture is just because I loved the color. xD

A couple of outfits. I ask to a friend to do something nice to the pictures. That's what he did.
Maybe I had lost a little weight since I took the pictures. It was awkward because I used to take pictures all the time and now I don't even what to do when I see a camera. 
I'll do a more accurate explanation about the outfits, but not today. :P

Good night!