jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

Italian wedding

Audio: La tarantella just for the lulz

Last month I flew to Roma to assist to a wedding in a far far away place across the country. I ended hating weddings more than I even do. I only went because: I have nothing better to do and I wanted to visit that part of Italy, and nothing else,  because I have seen the groom once in my life and never met the bride before. Yay! I was the less important guest but also the best dressed. Kidding xD

At first I was sort of excited because they told me that the town's name was Metalica, and I wanted to see Metalica city with my own eyes. Turned out that actually the name was Matelica, :(. Then after hours inside the bus, and surrounded by a lot of fires, I started to feel tired and fed up.

Anyway, Matelica it's a beautiful place :)

Italians eat way too much on a daily basis, in an event it's totally gargantuan. I can't recall all we ate, we were eating from the very first minute we arrive to the Hotel and when I left, the guests were still eating sweets and ice creams. Argh. HOURS JUST EATING.

I'll just say one thing about the bride's dress. People can say it's sexy or whatever, I think it was kinda slutty. But well. It's not my wedding and to be fair, she looked beautiful. But the dress it's a big NO.

The ceremony was held in a townhall near Metalica, -nooo not the bus again- but It was like a movie  from Fellini. They even used that song from Amarcord when everything was done.

At the Hotel they inaugurated il gran buffet degli sposi with the song All you need is love from the Beatles, and we were holding balloons, and it was quite nice. I actually liked. 

For the first time in my life, I managed to edit a video using iMovie, so you can see it and I can stop boring you. And don't kill me because the video sucks. xD

This was my code. I wanted to go to the hairdresser, but nobody else planned to go, so I figured that I can do my hair by myself. I ended straighten it with my ghd and added an small combed. I didn't put on exte or lashes, or nothing,  since I got my period the exactly morning before the wedding I felt like dying and I just want to feel comfortable and nice.  Nothing else. Point of fashion: Comfortable. 
Dress: Lanvin for H&M
Bag: Vintage store
Shoes: from Italy.

People compliment the way I look and my dress (it's a Lanvin dress bitches! of course it rocks) but honestly I wasn't on my best. I can make and stunning outfit with that dress and I will!